Worlds of Strife

Clone’s ‘Uge Mod so no longer in development.

Instead, we are working on a much more interesting mod with a bigger team, higher quality and better design: Worlds of Strife.

It is a primarily skirmished based (at least the first stage) mod that will feature all new art assets and a rebalanced skirmish experience. Players will be able to utilize new commanders, units, upgrades, abilities, maps, army colours, badges and game mechanics.

See the official announce post at the forums for more info and screenshots of a few new units.

Dawn of War 2, Worlds of Strife

Relic shows Mods some Love

In what may be the first true showing of support from Relic for real code mods for Dawn of War 2, Relic has released SCAR documentation. For those ensure about what SCAR is, check the wiki page. Hopefully we’ll some campaign style maps and more custom game modes. You can download a .zip of the SCARdoc here. I’ll be getting it hosted online soon.

Simultaneously Relic finally opened up a modding discussion sub form on their official forums. Its about time!

Dawn of War 2

There is Only War released

The Dawn of War 2 patch ‘There is Only War’ has been officially released. It is now considered 1.5 (having graduated the 1.4 beta process). The official notes are only 1.4.2 (beta) to 1.5, but there is a community compiled 1.3 to 1.5 notes here. This probably means there is going to a flurry of mapping and mod activity as the WorldBuilder is now officially released and mods have the final version of the data to work with. Be sure to check out the Wiki (see above) for information on how to use the WorldBuilder.

I’m working on the next version of my mod, but things will be a little different and it may take some time.

Dawn of War 2

Updates All ‘Round

The DoW2 1.4 beta is receiving an update in the next few days according to Relic. They have released 1.4.2 beta patch notes. It looks good, but maybe not good enough. Time will well.

The website, ModsRUs that is, has also received an update. Its subtle, but the website should be bit softer on the eyes and more functional :)

Lastly, the wiki has received substantial information contributions. Particularly when it comes to the newly released World Builder. Be sure to contribute should you have any knowledge about modding. Don’t be afraid to register and create new articles or make corrections or additions to existing articles. Sharing is caring… or something. :P

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Beta Delay

As you’ve probably noticed the 1.4 beta has been delayed to tomorrow. I would expect another delay honestly and a deadline extension, but nothing along those lines has been announced yet.

On a brighter note Relic decided to release the WorldBuilder documentation “early” due to the delay. Check out the PDF file here.

Dawn of War 2

DoW2 1.4 Beta

*edit* WARNING: I’ve just learned that Relic was not able to separate the ladders for the Beta. Do NOT play ranked games unless your TS is irrelevant to you. You WILL affect your TS on live.

The upcoming 1.4 DoW2 patch will be going into a beta test phase tomorrow (22:00 GMT) and is publicly available to everyone that owns DoW2. It will last until July 13th so get testing. The patch is looking very promising. The patch notes are absolutely huge. You can check out instructions on how to join the beta on the Relic community blog.

On the modding front: the beta will include the WorldBuilder. Yes, a DoW2 map editor!
Clone’s ‘Uge Mod will be ported to 1.4, but its going to take some time as it is a ridiculously large patch with probably loads of executable, game data and SCAR code changes. In all likelihood mods will not work with 1.4 until they are updated.

See you on the beta servers!

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

Wiki Updates

There has already been some community contributions to the ModsRUs Wiki. Copernicus has been updating a reference to the SCAR functions available to modders. Anyone with modding knowledge is encouraged to contribute.

A FileFront mirror is now available for Clone’s ‘Uge Mod Beta 0.4 here. Sorry about the wait. I couldn’t get up a FilePlanet mirror due to a strange upload error.

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

ModsRUs Wiki

Based off an idea Copernicus had I’ve started a Modding Wiki. There’s very little information atm, but thats the idea of a wiki, everyone can contribute and it will grow into a huge database of information :) Anyone with any knowledge of modding of any major pc game can feel free to sign up and begin contributing. All you need is an email for verification purposes, it will NOT be used for spam. Please follow the existing conventions and do not abuse the priviledges or I will be forced to lock down editing and enable security measures. Hopefully bots do not become a problem.

As for Clone’s ‘Uge Mod, it is compatible with 1.3.2. I’ve decided not to release 0.45 as the changes in 1.3.2 as very minor. I will be focusing on a more feature complete version for release down the road.

Dawn of War 2

Beta 0.4 Released! About time

Sorry for the wait, but Beta 0.4 of Clone’s ‘Uge Mod is now available. I skipped 0.35, adding a bunch of changes and redoing a lot of the older code. This version is fully Patch 1.3.1 COMPATIBLE and the UCS conflict and Techmarine missile animation glitch issues are fixed. I will try to get 0.45 out much faster after 1.3.2 on Tuesday. I very much improved the code and 1.3.2 is only a minor data patch so the transition should go much smoother. I doubt the patch will even break the mod this time.

Info+Screenshots Download (additional mirrors incoming) Forums

Readme DoW2 Official Forum Thread

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

Beta 0.3 Release

Beta 0.3 of Clone’s ‘Uge Mod has been released. This feature has a ton of skirmish changes, new abilities and balance changes as well new textures thanks to Kelembribors21 and MetalMonkey. As always head to the forums for download mirrors and a full change list. This version has been ported to patch 1.2.1. I wanted to get it out before patch 1.3 as I’m unsure how long it may take me to port to 1.3. If the new patch tomorrow breaks the mod I’ll get a new version out ASAP. Sign up for the forums and suggest a new name for the mod and provide feedback :)

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2