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Beta 0.2 Released!

Beta 0.2 of Clone’s ‘Uge Mod has been released. Head over to the forums for a detailed change list and download mirrors. A few things I would have liked to have added had to be held back. I’ve spent a lot of time on the site recently and wanted to get a new version out [...]

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

Forums and Hosting and Mods! Oh my!

ModsRUs forums are now up. I’m still working on a few changes to make them more user friendly, but they are fully operational Please read the forum rules before posting. As of right now the “Mods R Us” sub forum does not require registration to post, but this may change if spam becomes [...]

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HKX Format

The HKX format is used extensively in DoW2. Although they can and do contain mesh data Relic most likely uses them primarily for animations and physics (rag doll type stuff) while using their own “Relic Chunky” .model format for the actual mesh that is textured and rendered ingame. The .model file also seems to point [...]

Dawn of War 2

Clone’s ‘Uge Mod

I’ve added a page for my current mod project above. Clone’s ‘Uge Mod as I currently call it (open to suggestions ) is a mod for DoW2. See the link above for more information. Beta 1 is currently released and im well into progress on beta 2 which adds many more feature, most prominently [...]

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

Hello World!

Hello, has been completely revamped and is re-opening in a very different and much simplified form. I’m Adam “Clonesa” and I’ll be posting about pc game mods for those who care