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Wiki Updates

There has already been some community contributions to the ModsRUs Wiki. Copernicus has been updating a reference to the SCAR functions available to modders. Anyone with modding knowledge is encouraged to contribute.
A FileFront mirror is now available for Clone’s ‘Uge Mod Beta 0.4 here. Sorry about the wait. I couldn’t get up a FilePlanet mirror [...]

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

ModsRUs Wiki

Based off an idea Copernicus had I’ve started a Modding Wiki. There’s very little information atm, but thats the idea of a wiki, everyone can contribute and it will grow into a huge database of information Anyone with any knowledge of modding of any major pc game can feel free to sign up [...]

Dawn of War 2

Beta 0.4 Released! About time

Sorry for the wait, but Beta 0.4 of Clone’s ‘Uge Mod is now available. I skipped 0.35, adding a bunch of changes and redoing a lot of the older code. This version is fully Patch 1.3.1 COMPATIBLE and the UCS conflict and Techmarine missile animation glitch issues are fixed. I will try to get 0.45 [...]

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

Beta 0.3 Release

Beta 0.3 of Clone’s ‘Uge Mod has been released. This feature has a ton of skirmish changes, new abilities and balance changes as well new textures thanks to Kelembribors21 and MetalMonkey. As always head to the forums for download mirrors and a full change list. This version has been ported to patch 1.2.1. I wanted [...]

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

XFire DoW2 Dev Chat

The XFire hosted question and answer chat with Relic, Dawn of War 2’s developer has just ended. I managed to get in a question related to mod support, but it was mostly dodged There weren’t too many questions of interest asked nor much new information provided. Unfortunately it seems the XFire mods didn’t [...]

Dawn of War 2

DoW2 Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 for Dawn of War 2 has turned out to be quite a patch. Although it has limited balance changes (pretty much just a much needed change to ravener tunnels) it has pretty much everything else 2vs2 ranked play with 2 new maps, huge amount of UI changes, campaign fixes, tons of [...]

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2