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There is Only War released

The Dawn of War 2 patch ‘There is Only War’ has been officially released. It is now considered 1.5 (having graduated the 1.4 beta process). The official notes are only 1.4.2 (beta) to 1.5, but there is a community compiled 1.3 to 1.5 notes here. This probably means there is going to a flurry of [...]

Dawn of War 2

Updates All ‘Round

The DoW2 1.4 beta is receiving an update in the next few days according to Relic. They have released 1.4.2 beta patch notes. It looks good, but maybe not good enough. Time will well.
The website, ModsRUs that is, has also received an update. Its subtle, but the website should be bit softer on the eyes [...]

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Beta Delay

As you’ve probably noticed the 1.4 beta has been delayed to tomorrow. I would expect another delay honestly and a deadline extension, but nothing along those lines has been announced yet.
On a brighter note Relic decided to release the WorldBuilder documentation “early” due to the delay. Check out the PDF file here.

Dawn of War 2

DoW2 1.4 Beta

*edit* WARNING: I’ve just learned that Relic was not able to separate the ladders for the Beta. Do NOT play ranked games unless your TS is irrelevant to you. You WILL affect your TS on live.
The upcoming 1.4 DoW2 patch will be going into a beta test phase tomorrow (22:00 GMT) and is publicly available [...]

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