Clone’s ‘Uge Mod

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Clone’s ‘Uge Mod (name is a WIP :P )
This is a mod for Dawn of War 2 by Relic. The mod is not a total rework of DoW2, but rather focuses on enhancing this already great game by adding new units, upgrades, maps, game modes and other features.

Latest version: Beta 0.4 for DoW2 Patch 1.3.1 (

Major Features:

-New units and upgrades such as the Chapter Masters, Tyrant Guard and Force Comander’s Jump Pack

-AI tweaks: Skirmish AI should be slightly more difficult and respond faster.

-Army painter upgrades: New units available for preview and new colours and badges available. In addition all badges are available to orks, sm and eldar.

-Skirmish balance changes: retreating no longer increases melee damage taken, infantry attacked from behind take additional damage, no more teardown times for weapon teams, etc.

-New textures and graphical upgrades: Warboss gains warpaint, warp spider exarch face reworked, dreadnought texture enhancements, etc.

-Campaign tweaked to slightly increase difficulty, but increased drop rates and additional wargear added as well as experience changes.