DoW2 1.4 Beta

*edit* WARNING: I’ve just learned that Relic was not able to separate the ladders for the Beta. Do NOT play ranked games unless your TS is irrelevant to you. You WILL affect your TS on live.

The upcoming 1.4 DoW2 patch will be going into a beta test phase tomorrow (22:00 GMT) and is publicly available to everyone that owns DoW2. It will last until July 13th so get testing. The patch is looking very promising. The patch notes are absolutely huge. You can check out instructions on how to join the beta on the Relic community blog.

On the modding front: the beta will include the WorldBuilder. Yes, a DoW2 map editor!
Clone’s ‘Uge Mod will be ported to 1.4, but its going to take some time as it is a ridiculously large patch with probably loads of executable, game data and SCAR code changes. In all likelihood mods will not work with 1.4 until they are updated.

See you on the beta servers!

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

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