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Based off an idea Copernicus had I’ve started a Modding Wiki. There’s very little information atm, but thats the idea of a wiki, everyone can contribute and it will grow into a huge database of information :) Anyone with any knowledge of modding of any major pc game can feel free to sign up and begin contributing. All you need is an email for verification purposes, it will NOT be used for spam. Please follow the existing conventions and do not abuse the priviledges or I will be forced to lock down editing and enable security measures. Hopefully bots do not become a problem.

As for Clone’s ‘Uge Mod, it is compatible with 1.3.2. I’ve decided not to release 0.45 as the changes in 1.3.2 as very minor. I will be focusing on a more feature complete version for release down the road.

Dawn of War 2

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  • NoisyMonk says:

    Great idea! Hopefully people will take the time to share their knowledge and expertise. This could be a really great resource for the modding community.

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