DoW2 Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 for Dawn of War 2 has turned out to be quite a patch. Although it has limited balance changes (pretty much just a much needed change to ravener tunnels) it has pretty much everything else :P 2vs2 ranked play with 2 new maps, huge amount of UI changes, campaign fixes, tons of crash and other bug fixes and the first stage of the revamped AI! Whoa. Barring any unforeseen incidents the patch will be going live tomorrow at 11am PST. You can see the patch notes here. A few changes were omitted from the notes accidentally. Those changes are:

- We added the Korean characters to the Arial font, which will allow chat with Korean IME.
- We added invisible shot blockers to Capital Spire, to fix the lockdown on the center VP.
- We fixed an issue with the Lictor going unresponsive.

A few other things mention. I should be releasing Clones ‘Uge Mod Beta 0.3 later today! I want to get this out before patch 1.3 in case it takes me a while to merge the two. If the patch ends up breaking the mod I will work to fix this asap.

I updated the site slightly. Hopefully it is a little faster and a little more secure. Due to spam bots and abuse I will be making some changes to the forums. You will no longer to be able to post in the general forums or DL files without logging in. Sorry for the inconvenience :S

There is a community chat with Relic today at 7pm EST on XFire. If you want to participate you’ll have to install XFire and join the DoW2 official clan. See you there :)

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

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