ReadMe0.4 (Installation, Patch Notes, Known Issues, Credits)

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ReadMe0.4 (Installation, Patch Notes, Known Issues, Credits)

Postby Clonesa » Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:46 pm

Clone's 'Uge Mod - Beta 0.4 English ReadMe


I. Installation
II. Patch Notes
III. Known Issues
IIV. Credits

I) Installation

1) Extract the contents of to your Dawn of War 2 game directory. It is located in a sub directory under Steam (ie. X:\Steam\steamapps\common\dawn of war 2). Make sure when you are extracting that the relative file paths are maintained (the sga file should be automatically extracted to the sub directory clonesmod)
2) Run the batch file included, clonesmod.bat. This simply runs DoW2.exe with the -modname "clonesmod" command line parameter which tells the game to run with the mod's custom files.
3) Enjoy! :P

II) Patch Notes

Beta 0.4 - Released May 16th, 2009

-Mod data ported to patch 1.3.1.
-Some AI changes reverted due to conflict with 1.3.1 AI changes.
-Default cover search radius reduced to 4, from 5.
-Default max squad seperation distance increased to 150, from 75 (should help retreat not breaking).
-Fixed an issue with custom localization (ucs) interfering with unmodded game.
-AI Players are now more likely to retaliate when attacked while capturing a point.
-AI Players will no longer scuttle incomplete buildings when enemies approach (more often than not harms the AI).
-Lower difficulty AI will attack faster, higher difficulty AI is slightly more aggressive.
-AI Players will more reliably avoid targetted abilities (all difficulties).
-Epic mode Shrine healing aura greatly reduced in effectiveness.

-Webway Gates no longer cost 5 population.
-Farseer's Guide ability no longer increases damage by 30%, but now increases ranged weapon accuracy by 20% and reduces reload time by 20%.
-Falcon energy regeneration rate increased to 1.5, from 0.5.

Space Marine
-Force Commander's Defend ability now reduces all damage taken by 40% rather than just ranged damage by 50%.
-Force Commander's Defend ability radius of affect increased to 20, from 10 and energy drain reduced to 3 energy per sec, from 4.
-Orbital Bombardment area of effect damage increased.
-Force Commander's Assault Jump ability now causes knockback and suppression on landing.
-Force Commander's Assault Jump cooldown increased to 50 sec, from 1 sec.
-Techmarine's Orbital Relay structure is no longer auto targetted.
-Techmarine's Orbital Relay health regeneration aura effect increased to 1, from 0.5.
-Techmarine's Missile Launcher now has a better animation.
-Scouts cost increased to 240 requisition, from 225 (original 210).
-Scouts now start with the Infiltration ability.
-Terminators and Assault Terminators no longer automatically search for nearby cover.
-Chapter Masters now correctly have the melee resistance aura.

-Mekboy's Kult of Speed ability no longer stacks with itself.
-Mekboy Proximity Mines now slow vehicles by 30%, down from 70% and lasts 10 sec, down from 30 sec.
-Nob Squad's Frenzy ability cost reduced to 45 Waagh, from 60.
-Waagh Banners now cost 125 requisition, up from 75 and 40 energy to build, but no longer cost 5 population.
-Waagh Banners now generate 2 Waagh per minute.
-Looted Tank requisition cost increased to 400, from 350.

-Ravener commander's Tunnel ability cooldown reverted to original value, 100 seconds.
-Ravener's Tunnel ability requisiton cost reduced to 75, from 125 (original 0).
-Zoanthrope no longer automatically searches for nearby cover.
-Zoanthrope cost increased to 425 requisition and 45 power, from 400 and 40.
-Ravener Brood power cost increased to 85, from 75.

Beta 0.3 - Released May 11th, 2009

-Mod ported to 1.2.1 patch code base.
-Dead bodies now last from 30 to 90 sec, up from 10 sec.
-Several new textures by Kelembribors21 and MetalMonkey added.
-Several identical or conflicting changes with patch 1.2.1 reverted.
-Retreating reworked. Melee damage taken penalty removed. Now disables all weapons for the duration. Now provides immunity to all knockback. Ranged damage reduction reduced to 60%, from 80%, but now also reduces accuracy received by 20%.
-Suppression now increases all damage taken and all accuracy received by 15%.
-The player being taken over by the computer event now plays a general alert sound.
-VP and starting resource values returned to normal (except for the Epic game mode and race specific req compensation).

Space Marines
-Force Commander's Hammer damaged reduced by an additional 10%.
-Dreadnought texture changed, details added.
-Razorback Heavy Bolter damage reduced to 80, from 95.

-Warp Spider Exarch texture changed, facial details added.
-Warlock commander texture changed, facial details added.
-Fleet of Foot ranged damage reduction penalty reduced to 20%, from 80% and melee damage penalty removed, previously 40%.
-Rangers cost reduced to 330 requisition and 10 power, from 360 and 25.
-Rangers now starts with Infiltration and Holo-field abilities, but no longer starts with Suppression Volley.
-Rangers are now initially equipped with three Shuriken Catapult guns.
-Rangers' Pathfinder Gear upgrade cost increased to 120 requisition and 25 power, from 45 and 10.
-Rangers' Pathfinder Gear upgrade now equips the Rangers with three Long Rifles, grants the Suppression Volley ability, removes infiltration energy cost and changes the Rangers armour texture to a camoflauge pattern.
-Rangers' Long Rifle damage reduced to 84, from 160 and cooldown increased to 11 sec, from 7, but the squad now gains 3, up from 1.
-Assassin Gear upgrade added to Rangers, which equips the squad with power swords, increases their speed and melee damage.
-Fire Prism texture changed, details added.

-Warboss texture changed, facial details added.
-Big Mek's (Mekboy) Proximity Mine ability now scatters 3 mines, down from 4.
-Shootaboyz Shoota damage increased to 12, from 10.
-Stormboy's Bommaboyz ability Waagh cost reduced to 25, from 45.
-Stormboy's Jump ability now causes knockdown in a small radius when they land on enemies
-Recklessness ability now also increases damage done by 20% and damage taken by 10%.
-Wartrukk Big Shoota damage increased to 45, from 27.
-Nob Squad's Frenzy ability now also increases damage taken by 15%.
-Kommando's Shoota damage increased to 28, from 25.
-Kommando's Nob Leader upgrade now causes the Kommando squad to drop a smoke bomb on retreat that reduces the ranegd damage taken and accruracy received of nearby friendly targets by 20%.

-Ravener Tunnel health reduced to 200, from 250, but now slowly regenerates health outside combat.
-Ravener Tunnel ability cooldown increased to 120 sec, from 100 and now costs 125 Requisition.
-Ripper Swarms now generate 25% additional Biomass when killing units and generate 2 Biomass per minute.
-Ripper Swarm's teeth damage increased to 2.5, from 1.6.
-Spore Mines now take 15% additional ranged damage.
-Spore Mine's detonation damage reduced to 27, from 35, but now deal 25 suppression damage.
-Spore Mines are now susceptible to melee attacks.
-Tyranid Generators now slowly regenerate health outside of combat.
-Zoanthrope regeneration aura no longer affects buildings or vehicles (Carnifex).
-Zoanthrope regneration aura increase per level reduced to 30%, from 50%.
-Carnifex health regeneration in combat now reduced by 50%.

Beta 0.2 - Released March 21st, 2009

-Cyclone Missile Launcher can be equipped by squads with terminator armor and melee weapons.
-Veteran Pack Grenades are now a lvl 10 rare drop.
-Drop rates adjusted again. Rare wargear drops more than original, but supplies drop less.
-Fixed an issue with missing or improperly functioning wargear.

-Epic and Assasination game modes added.
-Chapter Masters now available to Space Marines at Tier 3.
-Races that start skirmish matches with units worth less than 270 requisition now gain requisition compensation.
-Victory Point game mode can no longer be won by destroying all of the enemy team's HQs.
-Energy shields now cost at least 10 Energy to activate, prevent energy regeneration, have a 10 sec recharge time and take roughly 10% more energy damage.
-Some energy shield abilities no longer removes knockback chance.
-About 20 new badges added to army painter available to orks, sm and eldar.
-Default Victory Points reduced to 600, from 750 (original 500). Epic mode increases vic points by 50%.
-Power and requisition are now capped at 2500.
-Walkers removed from army painter to fix issue until workaround can be found.
-Fixed an issue with missing localised string values (and other UCS file based errors such as missing unit renames from last version).
-Maximum camera height increased to 65, from 55.
-Some AI changes reversed to avoid issues (AI still remains slightly harder and faster than original).

Beta 0.1 - Initial Release March 7th, 2009

-Difficulty modes reworked. Players should take slightly less damage in harder modes, but enemy units will now have additional health and player units less. Easier difficulty levels players will take slightly more damage, but have additional health. Overall is a difficulty increase.
-New wargear items available and all wargear now has a chance to drop.
-Item recycling base reward experience reduced to 7, from 15, but epic quality multiplier increased to 4, from 3.5 and rare increased to 2, from 1.75.
-Item drop rate from chaff increased to 12%, from 4% and drop rate from swarm increased to 5%, from 1%.
-Item drops are now slightly less likely to be armour and more likely to be accessories and commander accessories.
-Base reward experience increased to 20, from 15.
-Final mission reward experience increased by 50%.
-Resilience star multiplier value increased to 2.5, from 2.
-Zeal star multiplier value decreased to 1.5, from 2.
-Fixed an issue with a few wargear items requiring higher levels to equip than intended.

-Retreating no longer increases melee damage received by 30%, but rather reduces melee damage received by 10%.
-Knockback physics are now slightly more realistic. Units may not get knockbacked as far or long.
-Melee power weapons damage against vehicles and light buildings greatly increased.
-Infantry and turrets now take 15% more damage when hit from the rear.
-Population cap increased to 120, from 100.
-Setup weapons no longer have a teardown time, but their setup time has been increased to 5 sec, from 4.
-Units now have a build limit of 3 (or less).
-Victory points increased to 750, from 500.
-Higher difficulty AI now more reliably avoid targetted abilities.
-AI will now build a wider variety of units and upgrades.
-Easy and Normal AI are now slightly more difficult.
-Removed resource penalty in 2vs2 and 3vs3 matches.
-Starting base defenses are now detectors and capable of rotating 360 degrees.
-Activated power nodes are no longer auto targeted and have been reduced to 4 power per minute, from 4.5 per minute.
-Power generators reduced to 7 power per minute, from 10 per minute.
-Requisition points now initially generate 15 requisition per minute, up from 10.
-Players now start matches with 575 requisition and 10 power, up from 500 and 0.
-HQ requisition generation reduced to 210 per minute, from 264 per minute, but power generation increased to 15 per minute, from 10 per minute.
-The message when a player is taken over by the computer is now significantly more noticeable.
-Rear Armor Hit message removed. It was irritating :P
-Fixed an issue where the AI would try to build units that didnt exist and pause for extended periods.

Space Marines
-Force Commander now has access to the Jump Pack accessory upgrade at Tier 2.
-Force Commander Iron Halo Energy Shield ability now costs 10 energy to activate and has a 10 sec recharge time.
-Force Commander Two-Handed Hammer damage reduced to 165, from 175, but increased effectiveness against buildings and vehicles.
-Tech Marine now has access to the Missile Launcher weapon upgrade at Tier 3.
-Orbital Relay Beacon no longer functions as a retreat point, but its healing aura now also affects commanders.
-Scouts cost increased to 225 requisition, from 210.

-Mekboy commander renamed to Big Mek.
-Big Mek commander now has access to the Rokkit Launcha weapon upgrade at Tier 3.
-Big Mek Teleport ability energy cost increased to 45, from 35.
-Shoota Boyz can now repair.
-Stormboyz health slightly increased.

-Webway Gates now become camoflauged when fully constructed.
-Webway Gate cost reduced to 125 requisition and 75 psychic might, from 0 and 125.
-Warlock commander now wears epic armor.
-Avatar maximum movement speed increased to 6.2, from 5.5.
-Grav Weapon Team Shuriken Cannon damage increased to 225, from 220.
-Warp Spider Pheonix Lord ranged damage increased to 37, from 30.
-Warp Spiders ranged damage increased to 40, from 35.
-Banshees health slightly increased.

-Hive Tyrant now has the Tyrant Guard Mycetic Spore ability. This drops a Tyrant Guard Brood onto the field. The tyrant guard is bred to defend the hive tyrant. They are slow moving, but powerful and emit a healing aura that heals the hive tyrant.
-Hive Tyrant Warrior Vanguard ability removed.
-Ripper Swarm cost reduced to 220 requisition, from 240 and ranged damage modifier reduced to 0.4, from 0.5.
-Ripper Swarm can no longer capture points.
-Warrior Brood cost increased to 420 requisition and 20 power, from 400 and 15.
-Carnifex health slightly reduced.
-Ravener Brood requisition cost increased to 465, from 400.

Army Painter
-Additional units added to army painter preview
-All badges are now available to Orks, Space Marines and Eldar.
-Several new army patterns, army painter colours and bagdes available.

III) Known Issues
-Custom text only supports English language.
-Assasination mode incomplete. Players still able to self res their heroes and retreat.
-Selecting a new colour in the mod will save it to your profile. When launching the game without the mod enabled this may cause it to crash. The solution is to either reload the mod and choose default army scheme or delete your profile, which will reset your settings. (Fixed in 1.2?)
-Some campaign wargear tooltip text may have weird squad requirements, but this should only be a visual bug.

IV) Credits


Adam "Clonesa" - Project Lead, Coder
NoisyMonk - Modeller


Kelembribors21 - various textures
MetalMonkey - various textures
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