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Worlds of Strife Announcement

Postby Clonesa » Mon Apr 05, 2010 12:48 am

Clone's 'Uge Mod so no longer in development.

Instead, we are working on a much more interesting mod with a bigger team, higher quality and better design: Worlds of Strife.

It is a primarily skirmished based (at least the first stage) mod that will feature all new art assets and a rebalanced skirmish experience. Players will be able to utilize new commanders, units, upgrades, abilities, maps, army colours and badges.

Chaplain commander:

New content currently implemented (WIP):

New upgrade system:
-Equipping new weapons and accessories requires being in a supply zone that is emitted by the player's HQ and other entities such as Relays, Drop Pods and Transports.
-Upgrades display a timer above the unit and research must faster in a supply zone.
-Units can change weapons types after having purchased a weapon (similar to commanders).
-Squads have access to multiple squad leader upgrades (most squads still only allow 1 leader).
-Squads have a new upgrade menu where they can select Leader, Armor/Accessory and Weapon upgrades allowing up to 16 upgrades instead of just 4 (bypasses hero classification bug).

New content (with new art):
-Chaplain commander (with chain fist, crozius arcanum and rune blade wargear)
-Librarian commander (new spells and wargear)
-Servitors (mechanized drone infantry)
-Sternguard with combi weapons

Additional preview images:
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