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Postby Clonesa » Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:00 am


Top right: Rhino with Razorback Pattern: Twin-Lascannon and Dozer Blade upgrades. The Razorback Pattern: Twin-Lascannon is an expensive tier 3 upgrade that transform the Rhino into a powerful anti-vehicle weapon. The Dozer Blade upgrade grants a small health boost and increases the power of the Rhino's charge, causing it to stun enemy infantry and vehicles.

Mid left: Servitor squad with Techmarine squad leader. The Servitors can construct a single turret and orbital relay, lay mines, repair vehicles and provide a cheap tier 1 melee unit. The Servitors power claws are very cost effective against vehicles and can daze them on hit, slightly reducing movement speed and attack speed for a short time. The Techmarine grants Advanced Repair and Orb of the Omnissiash (EMP grenades), which stun enemy vehicles and buildings, drain energy and can now disable generators, preventing them from generating power.

Bottom right: Chaplain commander with Crozius Arcanum (default weapon) and bolt pistol.


Top left: Sternguard Veteran squad with Combi-Grenade Launcher upgrade. Combi-Grenade Launchers are Grenade Launchers (moderately powerful ranged artillery and anti-garrison) with under slung Bolters granting the user great versatility. The Sternguard Veterans are elite ranged units with special rare ammunition and weapon options, including Dragonfire Bolts, which ignore most cover bonuses.

Middle: Rhino with Razorback Pattern: Twin-Lascannon and Dozer Blade upgrades (see above).

Mid Right: Tactical Marines with Apothecary squad leader and Multi-Melta weapon upgrade. The Apothecary has been replaced as a commander by the Chaplain and is now a squad leader option for many Space Marine infantry squads, providing aoe regeneration and direct healing. Tac Marines are not quite as versatile as vanilla DoW2 as they can only soft counter vehicles with the multi-melta. The missile launcher is now wielded by the Devastator Squad.

Updated texture: Rhino (experimental new balance system, tier 1 basic vehicles (limited abilities and no weapons) w/ dozer blade upgrade.
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