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Postby Ronin » Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:50 pm

Hello, I am a small time mod artist looking to resolve a perplexing game mod I am trying to accomplish. Hoping to find some answers from some heavier hitters.

My meager list of accomplishments includes several nudie card decks in my (Disney cards in my Wifes) Windows solitaire (SFW screencap 1), (SFW screencap 1) and a smorgasbord of nudity imagery in my copy of Spin top's Mystery Solitaire Secret Island, sorry I have no safe for work screencaps for this mod. I currently have a half completed mod project in the works that I have hit a brick wall in.

I'm currently working on Bulldog interactive's Cue Club. I can successfully mod the tables but only to a certain degree. I am limited to working outside the range of the pockets meaning I must keep the base color of the table intact, for example Say I want a Dale Earnhardt table, that's easy:

Start with
Default table screen cap
and with a little manipulation in Photodraw or Photoshop I add my Earnhard motif
Leaving me with this
Earnhardt table screen cap

That is easy enough. One problem is, if my new design changes the base color of the table and/or gets too close to the pockets I end up with this
That's ok, I can and will work around that, I have modded dozens of tables in this fasion for various people. My real issue and current hindrance is the balls, I want to customize the balls to make this mod complete.

Problem here is the graphics for the balls are in a .gfx file format. I have tried the .gfx to .swf conversion I found on this site and had absolutely no luck. I would greatly appreciate any insight into modding .gfx files I can get. The ability to mod those gfx files will resolve all modding hindrances remaining including the pockets issue. Thank you in advance.

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