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The XFire hosted question and answer chat with Relic, Dawn of War 2’s developer has just ended. I managed to get in a question related to mod support, but it was mostly dodged :( There weren’t too many questions of interest asked nor much new information provided. Unfortunately it seems the XFire mods didn’t do a very good job of filtering questions. In any case you can see the full raw and unedited transcript here. Also, who let Gorb in?

Dawn of War 2

DoW2 Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 for Dawn of War 2 has turned out to be quite a patch. Although it has limited balance changes (pretty much just a much needed change to ravener tunnels) it has pretty much everything else :P 2vs2 ranked play with 2 new maps, huge amount of UI changes, campaign fixes, tons of crash and other bug fixes and the first stage of the revamped AI! Whoa. Barring any unforeseen incidents the patch will be going live tomorrow at 11am PST. You can see the patch notes here. A few changes were omitted from the notes accidentally. Those changes are:

- We added the Korean characters to the Arial font, which will allow chat with Korean IME.
- We added invisible shot blockers to Capital Spire, to fix the lockdown on the center VP.
- We fixed an issue with the Lictor going unresponsive.

A few other things mention. I should be releasing Clones ‘Uge Mod Beta 0.3 later today! I want to get this out before patch 1.3 in case it takes me a while to merge the two. If the patch ends up breaking the mod I will work to fix this asap.

I updated the site slightly. Hopefully it is a little faster and a little more secure. Due to spam bots and abuse I will be making some changes to the forums. You will no longer to be able to post in the general forums or DL files without logging in. Sorry for the inconvenience :S

There is a community chat with Relic today at 7pm EST on XFire. If you want to participate you’ll have to install XFire and join the DoW2 official clan. See you there :)

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

Updates ‘n Stuff

The website has been updated in case anyone didn’t notice :) Its a bit better to look at and should actually be faster. Hopefully we will have a more unique and defining logo/banner soonish.

I’ve posted some information potentially useful for DoW2 modders on the forums. Check that out if your into DoW2 modding (the making of mods, not so much the playing of said mods :P ). I’m working on mod tool(s) at the moment. Its a bit early to say anything concrete, but if everything goes according to plan I should have something useful soon.

Work on Clone’s ‘Uge Mod Beta 0.3 continues. I’ve added a better infantry death system. Instead of dead bodies simply disapearing after 10 sec they stay on the battlefield for a variable duration depending on the unit’s population and likelihood to die (raning from 60 sec, to 180 sec). This adds more of the destructive battlefield sense seen in CoH and DoW1 without slowing down machines too much. I’m also looking into dead vehicle hulks, but its proving difficult with the limited art situation. We need an exporter for that model format!

Beta 0.2 of the mod has had over a thousand downloads now, but very few people stopping by the forums. If you download please be sure to stop by the forums, leave a comment and make a suggestion for the mod’s new name (the current one is awful). The best suggestions will be voted on.


Beta 0.2 Released!

Beta 0.2 of Clone’s ‘Uge Mod has been released. Head over to the forums for a detailed change list and download mirrors. A few things I would have liked to have added had to be held back. I’ve spent a lot of time on the site recently and wanted to get a new version out sooner rather than later. Anyway, here’s a highlight of two of the new features:

Chapter Masters

Chapter Masters

Chapter Masters
The Chapter Masters are the elite leaders of a Space Marine chapter. Their presence on the battlefield is rare, but fearsome. These warrior commanders wield a wide array of powerful weaponry and inspire nearby marines.

Epic Game Mode
The Epic skirmish game mode is essentially a victory point-annihilate game with higher resources generation rates, the population cap increased to 200 and starting victory points increased by 50% resulting in longer and larger battles. The real change here is that victory points are replaced with strategic assets. You will recognize these if you’ve played the campaign, each grants different bonuses to the controlling team.

Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

Forums and Hosting and Mods! Oh my!

ModsRUs forums are now up. I’m still working on a few changes to make them more user friendly, but they are fully operational :P Please read the forum rules before posting. As of right now the “Mods R Us” sub forum does not require registration to post, but this may change if spam becomes an issue. All other forums require an account to post as does attaching files.

I’m planning on providing “hosting” for mod projects. This is still in the works, but planned is limited ftp space, a sub forum your mod w/ moderation rights, private staff sub forum and ftp and an html page linked to from the homepage (at the top, but limited space). For now if you are interested send me a private message on the forums.

Clone’s ‘Uge Mod is coming along nicely. Beta 0.2 soon w/ Epic and Assasination game modes! But the mod needs a new name. Head over to the mod’s forums and suggest your ideas for a new name. A poll will be created from the best suggestions and voted on.

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HKX Format

Scout HKX Preview

Scout HKX Preview

The HKX format is used extensively in DoW2. Although they can and do contain mesh data Relic most likely uses them primarily for animations and physics (rag doll type stuff) while using their own “Relic Chunky” .model format for the actual mesh that is textured and rendered ingame. The .model file also seems to point to all the art assets it uses.

Havok now allows you to download their tools for free from their website (and even the source) although they require certain software installed first for many of the useful tools (ie. Maya or 3ds Max). If you install the 3dsMax trial do NOT install both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions to the same directory even though it does so by default (man that was a headache). I highly recommend installing the 32bit version as the Havok tools seem iffy with 64bit. The Havok Behavior tools were just recently released and do not support 64bit (I have not used them yet). The Content Tools supposedly support 64bit, but after installing them onto a 3ds Max 64bit installation it caused errors, but continues to work. You’ll have to fill out information to download the trials for both products.

Dawn of War 2

Clone’s ‘Uge Mod

I’ve added a page for my current mod project above. Clone’s ‘Uge Mod as I currently call it (open to suggestions :P ) is a mod for DoW2. See the link above for more information. Beta 1 is currently released and im well into progress on beta 2 which adds many more feature, most prominently new game modes for play in skirmish matches. My friend, NoisyMonk is now helping me with some modelling. See the images here for a preview of a work in progress.

Beta 0.1 Download Mirrors:



Clone's 'Uge Mod, Dawn of War 2

Hello World!

Hello, ModsRUs.com has been completely revamped and is re-opening in a very different and much simplified form. I’m Adam “Clonesa” and I’ll be posting about pc game mods for those who care :P