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SCAR (SCripting At Relic) is a LUA-based language used for scripting in-game action. While SCAR is used in many other Relic games, the implementation is often different, meaning functions and types may differ as well as the version of LUA used.

As of July 8th, 2009 there is no official SCAR documentation for Dawn of War 2 as there is for Company of Heroes. You should learn about LUA to understand the basics of SCAR. For DoW2 SCAR files can typically be identified by .ai, .scar or .lua extensions, however they are merely text files not binary files. Editing SCAR files is done using a text editor or a LUA IDE.


“In computer science, a subroutine or subprogram (also called procedure, method, function, or routine) is a portion of code within a larger program, which performs a specific task and is relatively independent of the remaining code.” -Wikipedia

In DoW2, SCAR functions can be used to create powerful mods by dynamically creating entities, slowing down game speed, applying modifiers, etc.

Relic extended many functions to LUA for use in SCAR scripting. There are several ways of finding out about these functions; one could either search the relevant files (DoW2.exe, SimEngine.dll) for strings that look like function names or one could use a disassembler and search the disassembled code for calls of the LUA binding function.

See the SCAR function reference for a listing of functions extended to LUA.

Example Functions

Setup_Player() in setup.scar

function Setup_Player(playerIndex, playerName, playerRace, team)

	if (scartype(team) ~= ST_NUMBER or team < 1 ) then
		fatal( "Setup_Player: team ID has to be a number starting from 1")
	-- accept raw strings for now... convert them to LocString
	if (scartype(playerName) == ST_STRING) then
		playerName = LOC(playerName)
	-- get player handle
	local playerId = World_GetPlayerAt( playerIndex )
	-- set player name and race
	Setup_SetPlayerName(playerId, playerName)
	Setup_SetPlayerRace(playerId, World_GetRaceIndex(playerRace))
	-- start the index from 0
	if ( team ~= TEAM_NEUTRAL ) then
		team = team-1

	-- mod
	Setup_SetPlayerTeam(playerId, team)
	return playerId

Data Types

“A data type (or datatype) in programming languages is a set of values and the operations on those values.” -Wikipedia

LUA data types can be used, but SCAR adds some additional data types known as Scar Types (ST) that are, in most cases, pre-fixed with “ST_” such as ST_PLAYER.

See the SCAR Type (ST) article for more information.

SCAR Examples

followmanager.scar (1.3.2)

function FollowManager_AddGroup(sgroup1, sgroup2, distance)

	if distance == nil then
		distance = 5
	if _FollowTable == nil then
		_FollowTable = { }
	table.insert(_FollowTable, {sgroup1 = sgroup1, sgroup2 = sgroup2, distance = distance} )
	if Rule_Exists(FollowManager_Manager) == false then
		Rule_AddInterval(FollowManager_Manager, 1)


function FollowManager_Manager()

	if table.getn(_FollowTable) == 0 then
		for n = table.getn(_FollowTable), 1, -1 do
			local this = _FollowTable[n]
			local sourceGroup = this.sgroup2
			local targetGroup = this.sgroup1
			local distance = this.distance
			if SGroup_IsEmpty(sourceGroup) == true 
			  or SGroup_IsEmpty(targetGroup) == true then
				table.remove(_FollowTable, n)
				local targetPos = SGroup_GetPosition(targetGroup) -- get the current loc of the target group
				local sourcePos = SGroup_GetPosition(sourceGroup)
				local compareDistance = Prox_SGroupSGroup(targetGroup, sourceGroup, PROX_SHORTEST)
				local longestDistance = distance + 3
				local shortestDistance = distance - 3
				if compareDistance < distance - 6 
				  or compareDistance > distance + 6 then
					local moveToPos = Util_GetOffsetPosition(targetGroup, OFFSET_BACK, distance)
					Cmd_Move(sourceGroup, moveToPos)


function FollowManager_RemoveGroup(sid)

	if scartype(sid) == ST_SGROUP then
		sid = sid
	for n = table.getn(_FollowTable), 1, -1 do 
		local this = _FollowTable[n]
		if this.swid == swid then
			table.remove(_FollowTable, n)

	if table.getn(_FollowTable) == 0 then


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