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Dawn of War 2

Dawn of War 2 is developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ Canada. DoW2 integrates Steam as it's main DRM component and Games for Windows Live into it's online component, and as an additional layer of DRM. The standalone expansion pack, Retribution does not utilize GFWL.

DoW2's mod support allows for custom LUA scripting, editing of game data and creation of custom maps, models and textures. Editing of 2D menu graphics (scaleform) and source code is not currently possible. Low level source code is never likely to become available (aside from crude third party disassembly). As of patch 1.4 custom map creation is officially supported through Relic's WorldBuilder application.

DoW2 Modding Topic Highlights

  1. Modding Tools: Modding tools and their uses.
  2. Game and Modding Files: Files accessed by the game and editing for mods.
    • File Formats: Formats relevant to modding.
      • MODULE: Defines mod properties used to launch mods.
      • RBF: Relic Binary Files contain important game and entity data.
      • SGA: Archive format which contains most of the game's files.
      • WB-SCENARIO: Map/scenario format created by the World Builder.
    • DOW2.exe: Primary game binary executable file.
    • WorldBuilder.exe: World Builder binary executable file.
    • SimEngine.dll: Game/engine library file, extends many important SCAR functions.
  3. SCAR scripting: LUA based scripting, examples and references on specific functions.
  4. Game Mechanics - Important game functionality and how it works
    • Entities: Objects defined by Entity Blueprints, an object used by the game.
    • Squads: A grouping of entities that can be treated by the engine and players as a whole unit.
    • Retreating: A fallback function emulating real world military tactics.
    • Cover: Positional objects that alter unit behavior and provide defensive bonuses.

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